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We'll protect your smile, with full coverage dental plans designed for you

We did the homework for you as we understand just how frustrating the search for affordable dental insurance for seniors can be. So we scoured the market to find the very best affordable dental insurance plans available in the nation. All to get you the best dental insurance coverage possible, at the lowest possible price.

We offer traditional PPO Dental plans with co-pays and coinsurance as well as Fixed Indemnity dental insurance plans with no restrictions on providers, no co-pays and no deductibles. In a simple transaction, the dental insurance you receive is guaranteed issue. Better yet? There’s no waiting period for basic and preventative dental services in any of our dental insurance plans. That’s right: By next week, you can be on your way to having a squeaky clean smile.

You have your choice from thousands and thousands of dentists nationwide with our PPO dental insurance. Or use literally any dentist, anywhere in the United States, even if they don’t accept insurance and get a cash reimbursement with our Indemnity Dental insurance plans. Only one agent will contact you to talk about your specific situation – promise.

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